Talesofthecork to add grass roots wine reviews

While the Internet is crowded with wine buying and tasting options, I consistently find myself experimenting with wines from Washington, Oregon, California, France and Italy. So while the phrase ‘drink what you like’ is still appropriate, for most it can be an expensive proposition to find bottles that fit personal taste, style, pairing and cost.

Fortunately, my travels to each of those wine regions have provided me the opportunity to do just that. The study of wine during my free time has gifted me the chance to talk to winemakers, chefs, wine lovers and casual drinkers for the last seven years. And while I did not officially document many of my travels or discussions, Talesofthecork.com was born out of those experiences.

So with those humble beginnings, I now offer my take on wines. My grass roots approach is not only for the once a week consumer but for those like me who are on the road to develop their palate.

Greg Stobbe is TalesoftheCork and is adding wine reviews to his stories on wine, food and travel.
Greg Stobbe is TalesoftheCork and is adding wine reviews to his stories on wine, food and travel.

While I follow and enjoy contemporary wine reviewers like Robert Parker and James Suckling, those require passwords and yearly fee. I also like what Jon Thorsen, the Reverse Wine Snob, is doing with wines under $20. I do not want to compete with his findings.

My vision is to try, taste and review what I either stumble across in the four regions of my travel or am sent to review and pass along my findings. The cost is not my primary consideration. I am looking for great wines across the spectrum. The goal is to share comments knowing that not all wines are for every body but find a variety suitable for all kinds of wine enthusiasts.

Of course I will give recommendations and how to obtain a wine or, in some cases, skip it. Sometimes the cost is worth the price for special occasions like an anniversary, birthday, or holiday meal. And some wines are perfect for poolside but not necessarily at the dinner table.

Another exciting part of my journey will be sharing best buys and value picks that are only available a short time via web sites or through wineries.

Of course I will continue to visit and chat with those involved in the food, wine and travel industry and post my tales, but my hope is to provide ‘tweener’ comments, tips and taste recommendations from my conversations and travels. After my winter illness, I am all the more excited to get back to a regular pace at Talesofthecork.com.

So return often to my blog, and you might check out my Twitter TalesoftheCork (@talesofthecork) and Instagram (talesofthecork) daily postings. I also would covet those who would suggest a wine, restaurant, chef or hotel to visit. Feel free to contact me through social media or via email at talesofthecork@gmail.com.

My first wine review will be the 2006 Piccini Villa Cortile Riserva DOCG Brunello from Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy. Look for the first post by June 26, 2013.

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