While I often share my recipes as I cook on my Instagram stories, I’m increasingly interested in sharing my recipes to followers and those interested in a way that’s more accessible and permanent.

I’m a self-taught food and wine guy. Through trial and error and some key friendships, I’ve discovered the world of flavors and creation on my own time. My wife loved using cookbooks and following recipes exactly as written; however, as I began to find my own palate and experiment, I began going off-book more and more.

I always say that recipes are for the masses. They’re a starting point for you to adjust to your liking. I’m sharing with you how I make things, but to be honest, I’ve never taught myself how to measure.

A dash here, a pinch there… I add until I like the way it tastes. Follow along, and if you love my food exactly as I wrote it down, I’m honored. Feel free to be creative. While I’m much more calculated with my drinks, feel free to adjust those as well.

If you take a picture of your food and drink to post, tag me. I would love to see your glasses and table.