TalesoftheCork Mango Margarita

Fresh-squeezed juice is the key to a stunning margarita. Toss the fake mix, spend time juicing, and rock the party with this TalesoftheCork mango margarita recipe.

Adding mango purée, or any fruit, adds depth and interest. Photo: TalesoftheCork

Items needed:

Blender, cocktail shaker, juicer

· 1 Mango
· 1 Orange
· 1 Grapefruit
· 4-6 limes
· Blue agave
· Tequila (I use Leyendal del Milagro)
· Orange liqueur (I prefer Grand Marnier or Cointreau)
· Ice

· Thai chili or jalapeño slices)
· Rim glass with lime & salt (I don’t)
· Mint or Thai basil for garnish

For two (with top offs) citrus and TalesoftheCork mango margaritas:

Juice a large orange, grapefruit and 4-6 limes.

Important —
· Squeeze citrus juice into separate cups.

Peel a soft, ripe mango, roughly chop, and purée. Set aside.

Of course shake, don’t stir.

Please taste before serving to make any adjustments to your liking. I find that limes are inconsistent with their potency, and are sometimes weak or strong in flavor. Double or triple the portions for more mango margarita servings.

Pour. Add Thai chili or jalapeño, garnish.

Sip, share, sip, enjoy.

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